BI for Corepla

Corepla’s system of business intelligence (BI) provides all decision makers with access to a single environment of certified data and the ability to run high-performance, self-service and on-demand analyses with extreme ease, speed and scope, all without having to compromise on a stunning interface..
The 39 dashboards that represent the beating heart of the company and are used daily by all areas of the business (Collection, Selection, Quality, Sales, Energy Conversion, Marketing, Administration, Management Control, and ICT) and by more than 50 users. The versatility of QlikView has made it possible to customize the system for the various areas and has contributed to establishing innovative policies within the organization through the sharing of information by way of the 10 cross-functional dashboards.
Corepla’s BI environment was built by taking advantage of QlikView’s full potential.
The architecture is based on a multilayer, incremental ETL system and a diverse range of sources (Oracle Apps, SQL Server, Excel) to create a single metadata environment (QVD files) to design associative concept clouds.

The areas involved in the analysis include:  

  • Value Chain
    Detail and overview dashboards by business area (Collection, Selection, Quality, Sales, and Energy Conversion) related to the plastic packaging value chain.Planning.Storage Selection Center (SSC) production planning.

  • Mass Report
    Analysis of the percentage of dispersion in the value chain.

  • Auctions
    Analysis of the results of auctions for the sale of select plastic packaging.

  • Energy Conversion
    Analysis of the share of plastic collected to be used to generate energy.

  • Payment
    Analysis of costs incurred by Corepla.

  • Quality of the material collected
    Results of the quality analysis of the material collected and of the levels of quality assigned by inspectors.

  • Logistics
    Analysis of delays in the collection of plastic packaging materials in order to settle and plan material flows for the value chain.

  • Impact Analysis
    System to identify the applications to maintain following intervention carried out on the information system data structures.


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