OEE Dashboard

The Measurement of Productive Capacity

In order to increase productivity and contain costs, it is essential to invest in an efficient system of measurement, control and production efficiency enhancement for the struncture as a whole: the method OEE (Overall Equipments Effectiveness).
  • Group/company/production unit/line/machine analysis
  • Settable thresholds for OEE/Availability/Performance/Quality
  • Analysis MTBF/MTTR (Mean time between failures/ Mean Time To Repair)
  • Analysis downtime
  • Analysis of shifts and work groups
  • Analysis by product
  • Analysis series analyses


The Model Scope in Finance

P&L is a tool created to focus attenction on capacity for creating economic value over time, and for providing information on corporate governance.

  • Analysis by group/company/business unit
  • Allocation of expenses using rules/drivers
  • Budget/Forecast implementation
  • Possibility to import noon-accounting data
  • Possibility to add non-accounting dimensions
  • Time-series analyses by year/month/half/quarter/two-month period
  • Analysis by accounting and production dimensions
  • Account reclassification models with the possibility to implement drivers to perform different calculations based on the same data source
  • Possibility to compare the various items in reclassifield accounts



Technical Data Sheet DSD Trenord

Qwerty Informatica was hired by a longstanding client, Trenord (a leader in local, suburban and regional rail trasport), to create a system to automate the issuing of both ticket subscriptions and invidual daily tickets.


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