North Milan Railway, “Treno-Milano” Ticketing

With the goal of improving the service provided to commuters in the Lombardy region, a subscription service was introduced by the leading transport firms that makes it possible to travel within the entire region with a single ticket.

This type of subscription is provided by all of the participating transport companies.Each company manages the sale of subscriptions autonomously and sees to allocating the related revenues based on the routes travelled.

Qwerty Informatica was hired to create a system to manage the data incoming from the central system, including:

  • Allocating revenue sharing based on routes travelled
  • Adapting codes and other attributes in line with the company’s standard
  • Integrating sales with other types of tickets
  • Daily transmission of sales data to the SAP system for accounting purposes
  • Reporting system for any problems in transmitting data from the various points of sale and to verify and reconcile data

In order to make the data usable by company management, and enterprise reporting system was made that uses the data contained in the SAP-fed BW system.

Analysis cubes are prepared in BW and accessed with BusinessObjects in order to monitor daily trends in sales volumes and in traveller traffic, as well as for marketing initiatives and to verify traffic in the various stations equipped with turnstiles.


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