The Company

QWERTY Informatica was established in 1999 to provide products, consulting and other value-added services. The technological environments implemented are of strategic importance to our clients and focus mainly on the areas of Application Integration and Business Intelligence.

Qwerty Informatica has adopted a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 for the field of application "Software Design, Implementation and Application Maintenance".


We offer and implement integrated solutions in various sectors. Below is an indicative list of such solutions:

  • OEE - The dashboard for measuring production capacity
  • P&L - the BI solution in the Finance sector
  • Business Intelligence system for dealerships
  • DSD - Trenord's Ticketing System

Success Stories

Business Intelligence:

  • Measurement, Control and Analysis of the Supply Chain - Corepla Consortium
  • Business Intelligence for Car Dealers - Fratelli Giacomel
  • System for the distribution and reporting of the Single Ticket - TreNord

Custom Solutions:

  • Book Keeping Link of the Ticket Office - TreNord
  • Production Cycle Monitoring - Trafilerie Bedini (Ugitech Group)


The services we offer belong to the following fields of application:

  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Custom Solutions
  • Data Warehouse
  • Application Maintenance
  • Training


To ensure a high level of services, we have partnered with some of the leading companies in the sector


We have actively participated in events pertaining to the fields of our interest