BKL: Ticket Reporting

  Book Keeping Link (BKL) is the new system for managing the Trenord ticket intake.

The system has brought a leap forward in the quality of the daily operations of the 88 ticket offices at the network's 63 stations.
In the past, the process was managed by filling out hard-copy forms each month, which summarized the great many sales transactions.
These forms were collected and managed centrally, a process that led to accounting errors that were difficult to interpret and correct.
BKL has resolved these issues and helps ticket-booth operators in recording their intake and in other aspects of their daily activities. 
The system covers the entire cash reporting process for ticket sales, from the start of a shift to the transmission of accounting data to the SAP/R3 systems, encompassing the automated acquisition of sales data from the sales systems, cash transactions, withdrawals, and reconciling and closing the registers.
BKL is e centralized, web-based application, but, in order to facilitate day-to-day operations, BKL has been integrated with the existing sales systems found in the ticket offices.
Each ticket office can connect to BKL directly from the device used to issue the ticket and automatically acquire the data identifying the ticket issuer to begin the shift in BKL.
As a web-based system, it can be used remotely for ticketing and area managers to take control of a given ticket office in order to provide support to the ticket operators and to correct any errors in recording transactions.
BKL is integrated with Trenord’s other systems, especially with the ticket-issuing system, with the system for managing electronic ticket sales done by travelling personnel, and with the SAP/R3 accounting system.


  • Thiftwork
    The management of shiftwork involves defining a period of time marked by the start and end of a shift, within which accounting transactions are recorded. 
  • Ticket Records
    The set of functions of manage the stock of physical tickets. Includes loading the tickets into the system, distributing them to the ticket offices, and returning them to the system.
  • Cash Management
    Cash Management: The set of cash-related accounting transactions, handle by BKL. Some of the most commonly used are customer refunds, electronic payment, un paid change, etc.. 
  • Sales
    A significant part of accounting, this involves the automated or manual entering of tickets issued at the ticket office or by travelling personnel.


Techonology Used

The data storage stack and develipment is handled entirely by Microsoft.

SQL Server 2008 R2


Development Framework:
.NET 4.0

Data access
Entity Framework 4.0


User interface:
ASP.NET Web Form, JQuery

  • Deposit Envelopes
    Functions used primarily by ticket operators and the ticket office manager (ticketing system).
    Workflow involves creating the envelope, insertion into the pouch, and delivery
  • Closing Out Registers
    An essential function, given the initial debit balances, the amounts credited and debited, the final debit balance, and cash to be deposited, which is used to delect any imbalances and prevents editing a shift with any errors in reconciliation.
  • Monitoring
    Reporting used by the area managers to verify ticketing by analyzing detailed or aggregate records by day, month or individual shift.
  • Replacement of the Ticket Operator
    This function enables area managers totake control of a shift opened by another ticket operator.
    The area manager can then verify any shift anomalies using the profile of the operator being replaced.
    During the replacement period, the ticket operator is unable to access the system


 System Users

  •  320 Ticket Operators
  •  388 Travelling Personnel
  •  4 Area Managers (VEAs)


Team: 4/7 people
Elapsed Time: 10 month
Effort: 900 days/person


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